Offset printing

Piktogram, as part of its offset printing, deals with printing of books and their publishing. This is a part of the work that we do for quite some time, with solid results.

A printing technique called offset printing is a technique where the color is transferred from offset plates to a rubber sheath, and from it on paper. Therefore, it is an indirect method of copying the printed form on paper. The process requires some preparation, which involves the production of color printing plates. Therefore, there are fixed costs for this technique and this excludes the profitability of small circulation. In addition, the production process takes at least two to three working days.

The offset printing technique, for these reasons, is used to print large and medium prints. It is ideal for printed forms that require precision, for finishing techniques with partial lacquer or offset varnish, punching in curly shapes. Unlike digital printing, there is much less deviation in the quality of the print and the precision of the printed form itself.